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This website is devoted to the traditional English skills in shaping metal and the promotion of craftsmanship amongst the old vehicle community. We are dedicated to encouraging craftsmanship and quality workmanship. We want to promote quality workmanship and teach people the skills they need to properly restore or modify their vehicle to a high standard.

 We may also run some short courses in the future. 

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This model 'A' wing (fender) was repaired using the techniques shown in Bodywork Restoration Tutorial..The front section is hand formed, the gas welded joint is in the shiny area, learn how to carry out repairs like this using only hand tools!, no machines are needed. You can learn how to do this from this dvd. (See the photo gallery for more examples of Davids work)

Here are just a few comments from satisfied customers.......

Over the years I have purchased a good collection of technical DVD’S & videos; in most cases the content is restricted in order to sell you the next DVD in the series. This is not the case with BODYWORK RESTORATION TUTORIAL. Dave puts 100% into this DVD, and he shows you secrets that would take years to learn. In many other video courses I have watched, you will be shown how to do most of the work with hand tools – but just when you think you could tackle the job, out comes the tool that costs a month’s wages. This is not the case with Bodywork Tutorial. All the projects are done with hand tools, no shrinkers or wheeling machines. Other than oxyacetylene, everything is what you would find in the average home workshop. All you need is practise to develop your skill. The majority of my own work is mechanical but some sheet metal work is required. This DVD has answered a lot of questions for me.

Mark Bishop. Engineer to Buckingham Palace & The Royal Household.


"Your DVD arrived today and I believe it has set a new speed record accross
the pond since the the loss of the Concord.
I have looked at the whole video and can see l that this is an incredibly
good value. Your pace is excellent and skills fantastic. There are a number
of approaches to panel making that I plan to change
as a result of your dvd."

Thank-you for your prompt responses and shipping."


Al Gunnarson Victoria BC


This is a great DVD. Not only does it make the techniques entirely logical, but the confident way in which the demonstrations are carried out just blows away any hesitation ; you just pick up a hammer and a dolly and GO for it - and it works! Covers the lot. I'm already bashing away!

Will Grime

Lots more comments from customers on the testimonial page!.



Learn from a craftsman with over 30 years experience in traditional sheet metalwork and bodywork restoration with many years as a lecturer (part time) at Colchester Institute.

The DVD is broken down into 26 chapters each one on a different subject. Learn the basic skills you need to form and fit panels, everything is shown in a way that is easy to follow. You can start with simple sections and then progress though the processes at your own pace. Gas (steel and aluminium) Mig and Tig welding are shown in detail with clear descriptions of the process. Safety, setting up and the technique are all shown in a way that is easy to follow. Learn how to weld in a way that causes little or no distortion. Drawings and animations are used to make technical points clear and close up shots allow the viewer to get a much clearer view than would be possible in the workshop situation.

Each chapter shows in detail the way a particular process is carried out - Such as shrinking and stretching,(without a machine) forming swages and compound curves. There are chapters on wire edging, metal finishing and on lead loading and many other processes and techniques. These skills can be used to form simple repair sections using only hand tools. (No machines are needed) however the same skills are used when making wings and even complete bodies like those shown on the photo gallery page. The veiwer can learn at their own pace - simply watch practice and watch again until you have mastered the skills. Also on the DVD several real world repairs are carried out to demonstrate how the various skills and techniques can be used. These same skills can be used to carry out a roof chop or create a petrol tank. In fact the petrol tank below is made by hand on the DVD. A number of repair sections are created on the DVD including making floor pan repairs and fitting a door skin. If you want to learn how to restore vehicle bodywork or how to make or modify any type of panel this DVD is definitely for you.

See this petrol tank created from aluminium entirely by hand using only hand tools. This is just one of the many parts created on this dvd to demonstrate the techniques.










Corrosion like this on the bottom of this Ferrari door frame is common place but it is not always possible to buy repair panels, this dvd will give you the skills to create repair panels and weld them in.







Learn how to make repair sections for any part of any vehicles bodywork, how to make patterns, how to form the metal to any shape needed and how to weld it in place causing the least amount of distortion.





The door frame once it had been repaired.

This repair was carried out by James Clark. (Davids employee and one of the many people David has taught over the years)





Bodywork Restoration Tutorial DVD