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  New bodies

1912 Sunbeam racecar

David Gardiner has over thirty years of experience working with metal, making new bodies and restoring the bodies of classic cars, vintage cars and hot rods. He has made new bodies for evrything from Aston Martin to Bentley, Riley to Sunbeam and SS. He has restored almost every marque of car from Ford to Ferrari. David has allways had an interest in traditional hot rods and has made and restored bodies for a good number over the years.

      Bodywork restoration

Ferrari doorskin created by hand and fitted to freshly restored frame. 

David has been a part time lecturer at Colchester Institute on the vehicle restoration course for many years where he teaches body restoration, he has run his body restoration business Classic Metal Shaping near Harwich Essex since 1991, and along the way he has written a good number of magazine article on the subject.   



            Hot rods

Every visible part of this '33 was hand crafted by David Gardiner


In this dvd David shares the same skills used to create the bodies and parts shown on these pages, these skills can be used to restore your existing panels to a condition that needs little or no filler,carry out a roof chop or  manufacture a petrol tank or even make wings (fenders) for any car. Buy the dvd and watch practice and watch again untill you have mastered the skills.


Riley specials Riley special body hand crafted in aluminium this is one of several uilt.

Steel bonnet (Hood) and cycle wings a for a '32 hiboy


Based on a mk six Bentley every part of this Bentley special was created by hand from modifying the front and rear of the chassis to making the body, bonnet, windscreen frame. wings wingstays headlight stands and petrol tank.                                                                                               

This Aston Martin DB2/4 started as a basket case with the chassis from one car and the body from another with the engine and other parts from various cars. At Classic Metal Shaping, David Gardiner created this one off convertible body restoring parts like the door frames and the bonnet and creating the rest to match the earlier and better looking DB2 styling but with an opening boot lid. All parts were made entirely by hand and the brass trim parts were also hand crafted as were the bumpers.

See the Doorskin for the Aston Martin above made and fitted on the DVD

This SS Airline Body was created in steel by copying the remains of the original. The roof section was restored and re used so this vary rare car was saved. The chassis also had large sections replaced. This photo was taken part way throught the work and the bonnet was remade later and at this stage the welds on the rear wing had not been dressed out. This car was done around 1997.