By email......

David, This dvd is fantastic! I've watched it several times now and some of the techniques are so simple in concept it makes me wonder why I never thought of them. I have taken a couple of body/metal shaping courses before but feel that I learned as much from your video as I did in taking the one or two day classes. I don't hand out compliments easily but this is one of the best videos/dvds I've seen on working with sheetmetal. All you need to do now is expand the series into vol. 2 thru ........... wherever and I'll keep buying them. 

Thanks so much for the dvd.

Best regards,



Hi David,

I have watched your DVD about 10 times, it has made mye Alfa Romeo
step-nose-restoration come to life. Amazing stuff, so inspirational.

Howard (Norway)





Just wanted to drop you a note that the DVD arrived yesterday. It is
simply wonderful, thank you so much for putting this info together.
Very easy to get a DVD that shows someone like yourself alternating
between a 12 foot english wheel and a 10 ton power hammer -- not so
easy to find a DVD where the author demonstrates the cutting of sheet
metal with a chisel! Was really amazed what could be accomplished
without huge machinery. I especially enjoyed the welding
demonstrations -- never before had I seen the traditional technique
demonstrated so clearly and the important aspects explained.

I will definitely be watching, practicing, and watching again!

Many thanks,

-Joe (USA)




This is a great DVD. Not only does it make the techniques entirely logical, but the confident way in which the demonstrations are carried out just blows away any hesitation ; you just pick up a hammer and a dolly and GO for it - and it works! Covers the lot. I'm already bashing away!

Will (Dubbai)


Hi David, Very enjoyable and motivating DVD, I learned a lot. Good value for money!





Got your DVD today, and i must say very pleased with it, watched it twice already, keep up the good work sir its amazing , and thanks again cheers .








Dear David, Thank you for the DVD, I was completely enthralled from start to finish. Thank you very much, that £35 was the best £35 I have spent in a long time. Kind regards





That was a great dvd and it helped me get past a point on my project that I was stuck on for a few months.





When I received my copy of David Gardiners “Bodywork Restoration Tutorial” DVD I was extraordinarily impressed.  Here in one 2-½ hour DVD is literally a master class on metal shaping.It’s one thing to say you do not need this or that tool.It is quite another to prove it and David’s DVD does just that.In each of the DVD’s many chapters, David takes you through performing complex metal shaping tasks from start to finish.This includes: welding, making a low crown panel,making a complex rear quarter panel, making an aluminum motor cycle tank, and much more.All this is demonstrated using common, inexpensive hand tools that someone interested in metal shaping probably already has.

I have taught many people the basics of metal shaping and can testify that this DVD is a must have for novices and experienced shapers alike.  David has exceptional teaching skills and the production quality of this DVD is first rate.  It is, without question, the best all around metal shaping DVD I have ever seen.  It has my unqualified recommendation.


Kerry Pinkerton


Imperial Wheeling Machines, inc.




Hi David, 

The DVD is Great!
I went to bed way to late yesterday.
I just Could'nt stop watching. 
It's a great extra to the bodywork repair course I started following this year.
(After watcing for 10 minutes I realised I had learned more than what I had learned in 10 evening courses.)

The thing I like so much about it, is that you show it's possible to do so much with basic hand tools.

Fries              (Belgium)





Just a note to say thank you i received the dvd and it is what I been looking for . all the others I have bought show you how to do things but with expensive machinery . yours shows how with basic tools. If you ever bring out any other dvds please let me know.

many thanks



Just some brief words from a happy, but tired(!) Swede...The DVD arrived yesterday with the mail, I came home late, had to take a quick look... and all of a sudden it was 3 o´clock in the morning! :o) Thank you very much for your efforts, congratulations on a very informative movie.

.All the best

Toni Müller Sweden



I received the dvd on Friday. I just wanted to say that's. It is amazing and answered all my questions. I finished up the panel I have been working on for weeks in just a couple hours!


Jeff heddleson




The DVD is great. Thank you for assembling so much hands on footage.

I have skimmed it and will look back at it for reference as learn metal shaping.

Also I have an update to my car drawing blog. I did an Allard!




David, just saw the DVD. I liked it a lot. The camera work was good with clear pictures and good angles. I especially liked the coverage on gas welding... you do excellent work!  I'm looking forward to future your productions... you have a fan in South Florida!!! All the best, Manny




Dave Gardiners DVD is a must have for anyone intending to acquire the skills for a wide range of metal shaping techniques. It is clear,  concise and inspiring, and an essential part of any restorer to be's tool kit  . Dave is in my view a true genius with sheet metal as well as a budding film maker!

Justin Burls

Burls Bicycles








I received my DVD yesterday. I’m really enjoying it and learning lots. Thanks!

Rock Able

Cross Fluid Power  (USA)



Hi David

DVD arrived yesterday, watched last night
Congratulations on such a great production.


Thank you
Kind Regards
Dick McLachlan




Hi David You may remember i purchased one of your Dvds last year. I am truely greatfull for having it it has helped me more than you can imagine . the basic tecniques have been a life and money saver i have been able to manufacture some really difficult replacement panels without any fancy equipment . Thanks for that.I ....

Thank you kindly





Hi David, Very enjoyable and motivating DVD, I learned a lot. Good value for money! Thanks, Arjen (Newzealand)


I've been doing car body repairs for longer than I want to remember but there is still plenty to learn as watching this dvd will soon show you. Even people who are not interested in cars find this fascinating (the mother-in-law), it is well worth the money and we have watched it over and over and still find more tips to help save time, and more importantly the correct techniques to do the job properly. Thanks Dave,

Regards, Keith & Sara Project Vehicle Services Manningtree (UK)





With more years than I care to remember behind me, working on modification and restoration of cars, I was asked by a friend to look at the Bodywork Restoration Tutorial DVD by David Gardiner. I expected it to be like all the other metalworking DVD's available, but how wrong I was. In fact I have played it over and over and am amazed at the concise detail and content it includes. David unselfishly has shared with us his vast knowledge and skill that inspires me to write this recommendation, it is a must for anyone like himself that shares a passion for traditonal metalworking techniques.

Alan Floyd  (UK)




Hello David,

 Man, You are the best !!!!! Amazing fast delivery and excellent good communication and of course very good DVD. Very Best regards!! Thankful Henno




Hi David

I looked at the DVD again at the weekend, and yea it is good.

The first thing that strikes you is that unlike the American hot rod shows for example you have nice long scenes and you can really understand what is going on, I don’t feel the need to rewind at all in order to understand.
Then when watching I am impressed by your skill at metal forming and then you start to think “I can do that” not as fast as you but “yea I can do it”

Cheers for now Derek             (SWEDEN)





Hello David, the DVD is brilliant and I'm looking forward to getting stuckinto a winter project.

Best regards,Patrick.



Hello David.

Thanks for the DVD. It is really good.
I have seen it over and over again, and I still find tips that I can use.
I will recommend this DVD to all I know who are restoring old cars.
I will look forward to your next DVD.

Best regards





David I viewed your video three times already ,and I must say that it'sexcellent.I watch it over and over making sure that nothing is missed. I wishthe video could have been 8 hours long instead of 2.5. This is the third metalshaping video I've purchased and by far the best. Excellent work.

Thanks Sam




Hi David,

Thank you for a good Dvd. and for sharring your skills with us.

Best Regards from Denmark





Hello DavidI got the DVD yesterday,, I´ve looked a bit and I DO like it,, 1001 THANKS ! You ARE very good with what you do! All the best to you! Hakan Sweden




Hello David,DVD has arrived and it's fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.






Got your DVD today, and i must say very pleased with it, watched it twice already. Keep up the good work sir its amazing , and thanks again cheers.







(Quote from letter sent to Custom Car magazine)  

To the editor of Custom Car magazine
Several months ago you ran an advert for David Gardiners Classic metal forming course, that he was offering free of charge on the 26th October.

I was one of the 23 lucky enough to attend this first course, and can thoroughly reccomend it to others if there is a future one, which I'm sure there will be.

He ran through all the main techniques to cut, form and join steel, aluminium and brass, using the most basic of tools, entirely relevant to the home garage builder. David also used the day to promote his DVD, which showed all the techniques, and more in greater detail. This was good value for money. He was also available to respond to requests from those in attendance to elaborate on specific techniques. It was an excellent venue to see the work in progress on actual vehicles too. He also showed the use of some more industrial equipment like the English Wheel, and a nibbler. It was good seeing the capabilities of these machines, as they are usually beyond most peoples budgets.

I cannot reccomend his DVD more, and suggest that if you are not advertising this already, that this should become the benchmark UK standard that people should aspire too. I for one will be showcasing it on my website, and using the metal forming techniques learned from it in my future projects.

I am an aircraft restorer, mainly of wooden aircraft, but with basic metal working skills already, and have found these techniques equally relevant to expand my knowledge to encompass complicated metal structures and fairings now. 


David Collins


David Gardiner demonstrates the gas welding technique used by English craftsmen for generations to a group af enthusiastic students at his workshop recently.





watch a trailer for the dvd on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGElSHzm0q8









Thank you David for the quick tunaround of the order. It arrived on Wednesday and I have to say that I have watched it twice already! An excellent and informative DVD. A must for anyone with an interest in sheet metalwork!


Kind regards


Martin (UK)




Hello David, Great DVD even better than I expected hope you make a VOL. 2

Thank you Dustin




David, I would have to say your movie is the best shaping movie I have seen.